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  1.Which statement about half-duplex Ethernet operations is ture?
  A. With half-duplex transmission frames feed into a single cable in
  one direction at a time.
  B. half-duplex transmissino between stations is achieved by suing
  point-to-point Ethernet and fast Ethernet connections.
  C. Half-duplex transmission between stations is achieved by using
  point-to-multipoint Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connections.
  D. Half-duplex Ethernet technology provides a transmit circuit
  connection wired directly to receiver circuit at the other end of
  the connection.
  B. point-to-point用于full-duplex,fast
  2. which command should you use to configure a router so that it can
  become a TFTP server host for a router system image that is run in
  a. copy flash tftp
  b. config tftp server
  c. write network
  d. tftp-server system
  e. setup server tftp
  命令出自Sybex P368
  3.62.What are four functions/characteristics of the network layer of
  the osi model?(choose four.)
  *a. it uses a two-part address. maintains routing tables.
  c. it uses broadcast addresses. establishes network addresses.
  e. it provides access to the lan media. provides media independence for upper layers. provides path selection for internetwork communication.
  这道题的C和D有争议,认为C错的理由是broadcast address并不是layer3特有,layer2也用broadcast
  4.Which three statements about FR configurations using subinterfaces
  are true?(Choose three.)
  A.Each subinterface is configured either multipoint or point to
  B.Any network address must be removed from the physical interface.
  C.The configuration of sub interfaces is done in router
  Config-(if)#mode. D.Frame relay encapsulation must be configured on
  each sub interface.
  5. Question about PPP autentication. We have two cisco
  routers-Router1 and Router2 (there are hostnames of the routers).
  Router1 use username Router2 and password PasswordRouter1. How you
  set the username and
  password on Router2 for PPP autentication between Router1 and
  A. Username Router1 password PassRouter1
  B. Username Router2 password Passrouter1
  C. Username Router1 password PassRouter2
  D. Username Router2 password Passrouter2
  这个命令是:username 对方的名字password 相同的密码
  6.Which command displays all routed protocols and the interface on
  which the protocol is enable?
  A. Show protocols
  B. Show protocols brief
  C. Show interfaces protocol
  D. Show interface
  E. Show routed
  F. Show routed interfaces
  Sybex P275
  7.(36).Which two statements about frame tagging are true? (Choose
  two ) A .A filtering table is developed for each switch
  B.Frame tagging assigns a unique user defined ID to each frame
  C.A unique identifier is placed in the header of each frame as it is
  forwarded between switches
  D.Frame tagging is a technique that examines particular information
  about each frame based on user defined offsets
  D.based on user defined offsets这里的表示有问题。
  见Sybex P306
  8.which two WAN data link layer protocols support multiple upper
  layer protocols? (Chose two.)
  Sybex P482
  9.Which sequence of actions will allow telneting from a user’s PC to
  a router using TCP/IP?
  A. Connect the PC’s COM port to the router’s console port using a
  straight-through cable.
  B. Connect the PC’s COM port to the router’s console port using a
  crossover cable.
  C. Connect the PC’s COM port to the router’s Ethernet port using a
  straight-through cable.
  D. Connect the PC’s Ethernet port to the router’s Ethernet port
  using a crossover cable.
  E. Connect the PC’s Ethernet port to the router’s Ethernet port
  using a rollover cable.
  G. Connect the PC’s Ethernet port to the router’s Ethernet port
  using a straight-through cable.
  Answer: D
  When trying to determine the type of cable needed for a port, look
  at the port and see if it is marked with an “X.” Use a
  straight-through cable when only one port is designated with an “X.”
  Use a crossover when both ports are designated with an “X” or when
  neither port has an “X.”(sybex P86)
  10.Which line from a show spantree 1 command output indicates that
  virtual lan 1 (vlan1 )is functioning properly?
  a.root port is fast ethernet 0/26
  b.port ethernet 0/1 of vlan1 is forwarding.
  c.designated port is ethernet 0/1 ,path cost 10.
  d.designated root has priority 0, address 00d0.588f.b600.
  e. vlan1 is executing the ieee compatible spanning -tree protocol.
  11.Which two statements about enabling the Novell IPX protocol on a
  router are true?
  A.NLSP supports primary and secondary network.
  B.You can apply a maximum of one input filter and one output filter
  per interface
  C.You can configure multiple IPX networks on any supported interface
  as long as each network uses a distinct encapsulation type.
  D.A logical network on an interface is considered to be a secondary
  network as long as you include the keyword secondary in the command.
  E.Because subinterfaces are logical entities of a physical
  interface,any interface configuration paramenters that you
  specify.on an individual subinterface are applied to all
  subinterfaces for a given interface.
  A.NLSP是Netware Link Services
  12.Which WAN technology uses high-quality digital lines and IS
  packet switched?
  D.Frame Relay
  FR是packet switched没有问题,sybex用的是high
  performance。ATM在广域网上的性能肯定比FR要好,采用的是cell switched(特殊的packet
  technology也是一种疑问,同时ATM对NA并不要求。因此我偏向于选D。 同时有人以1000分通过考试,碰到这题也选D。
  13.Which of the following is true concerning Frame Relay multipoint
  A. An IP address is required on the physical interface of the
  central router.
  B. All routers are required to be fully meshed.
  C. All routers must be in the same subnet to forward routing updates
  and broadcasts
  D. Multipoint is the default configuration for Frame Relay
  subinterfaces. Answer: C
  B.如果只能用于fully meshed,那么就不用配置subinterface了。